SENA - Seafood Expo North America

Seafood Expo North America (SENA) is an international trade show held for seafood industry professionals from around the world at the BCEC in Boston, MA. It is a one stop shop for all things seafood and seafood processing equipment. Almost every country in the world is represented on this grand stage, and we are proud to exhibit at this show, as it is an excellent opportunity to meet with many current and prospective customers in one venue.

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NRA Show - National Restaurant Association Show
The NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show is the grandaddy of all trade shows, with 98 of the top 100 national restaurant chains represented, and thousands of premier vendors, (including Western Edge Seafood as often as we can exhibit). This is a 4 day show in Chicago, IL where all walks of food industry professionals gather to do business, see new products, discuss ideas and industry trends, reach suppliers and customers, and much more! The show consists of 3 halls, North, South, and Lakeside Center (Our Booth is typically located there). There are world renowned chefs, speakers, celebrities, and more things to taste than you could ever imagine all under one roof.

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For more information on the NRA show, please visit their website:


The success of a seafood program is dependent on the “buy in” from the sales force, and developing better seafood relationships with vendor + salespeople + customers helps to create the buy in. We see great success with this format in times where sales were traditionally slow. Many distributors do their own food shows or attend larger trade shows, but this format allows us to bring the deals to the customers themselves, and in person.

How It Works

  • Work with sales force to come up with a list of customers that are volume buyers, and also customers that could be closed using a great buying opportunity.

  • Come up with items and pricing that will be exciting to the customers, especially on new items to get our foot in the door with.

  • Choose a time frame of 2-3 days where a lot of customers can be seen via ride alongs (WE specialist & salesperson/salespeople), preferably when sales are typically slower. (This helps out the bottom line during slow times.)

  • Customers are given a limited window for shipping times, and deals usually have to be booked either that day or within only a couple days of the offer itself. This keeps interest level high and increases the success of the show.

  • This format is successful because it gives the customers the opportunity to create ads or promotions based on the great pricing, which draws in more consumers, gives them better foot traffic, increases sales, and gets any new items in front of the consumer.

  • Scheduling a road show has other benefits, as it then provides an opportunity to double down and add a training session on seafood, which promotes more buy in from the sales force. This gives the sales force a chance to do Q&A, learn tips on selling points and strategies for seafood, and much more.