Pangasianodon Hypophthalmus

Swai is the 6th most consumed seafood species in the U.S., but for some time we dubbed this “the most popular fish you’ve never heard of”, because it has held the 6th spot for the last 6 years without consumers even really knowing it by name. We are VERY familiar with Swai, importing over 5,000,000 pounds per year to service our ever-expanding customer base.

Swai has experienced rapid growth in U.S. consumption since its debut on the top 10 most consumed list in 2009, and as we mentioned it did so with very little name recognition. Swai has just recently started to become known by name with consumers, with the popularity of Swai's use in restaurants and its presence on retail shelves growing exponentially, in fact at an average of 0.89 pounds consumed annually (2016), it is only 0.05 pounds away from closing the gap on Pollock, one of the most popular seafood products historically.

One of the driving factors in the success of our Swai program has been our diligence in educating our current and prospective customer base about Swai. This species has experienced a lot of negative propaganda and has been highly scrutinized by government agencies due to backlash from American Catfish farmers.

We place the utmost importance on proper labeling, moisture content control, and being very stringent on the water quality and workmanship in the farming and processing of our Swai. This results in consistent product appearance and taste profile in our product, which earns us business and promotes the success of Swai.

Western Edge Swai Prepared

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