Fresh Seafood

Fresh fish has always been and likely always will be a part of Western Edge Seafood, as our company was started only servicing customers with fresh fish. We are best known for our frozen products, but we have all along maintained our fresh program throughout the years.

There has been an apparent shift in the way that people buy fish, with frozen leading the way by a mile, but the fresh seafood industry is far from dead.  There even seems to be some growth recently with customers wanting to be more involved with the selection of the seafood they eat, and many restaurant concepts still cater to this type of consumer. 

We service all areas of the continental U.S., FOB port of Miami, FL.  We have fresh trucks leaving Miami daily, but certain areas of the U.S. such as the Intermountain, Southwest, and Midwest are only serviced departing Miami 2-3 days per week. (Holidays Schedules Also Fluctuate)

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Western Edge Fresh Seafood
Western Edge Fresh Sword


One of the most popular species in fresh seafood counters across the U.S, this colorful fish is available in H&G (Headed & Gutted) form, available in Small (5-10# Fish), Medium (10-15# Fish), and Large (15# Up Fish) packed in 150# or 200# masters (Catch Weight).
Western Edge Fresh Sword


This delicious billfish is a staple fresh seafood item, available in H&G (Headed & Gutted) form, with Rats (25-50# Fish) packed 2-3 head per box, Pups (50-100# Fish), packed 1-2 head per box, Markers (100-199#), Double Markers (200-299#), and Triple Markers (300+lb), all packed 1 head per box (Catch Weight).
Western Edge Fresh Salmon


THE most consumed fish in the U.S., D-Trim, offered in 2-3#, 4-5#, and 5-6# sizes, packed in 35# masters – is ALWAYS a great addition to your fresh seafood offering!
Western Edge Fresh Wahoo


Though typically a bycatch of Sword and Mahi fishing, this is a very sought after species, ranging from 15-20# (Average), all the way up to 50# behemoths, packed in 100# masters (Catch Weight)! Be sure to contact us on the day your fresh truck picks up in Miami too see if we have any of these pelagic speedsters on hand!
Western Edge Fresh Tuna


The second most popular fish in the U.S. is a wide spectrum of availability, grade, and specifications as it has a worldwide presence in our oceans. For us this is mainly a limited offering in addition to our fresh products out of Ecuador. Typical availability is H&G (Headed & Gutted) YF (Yellowfin) 40-60#, 60-99#, packed in 100# masters, 1-2 head per box, 100#+, 1 head per box, BE (Bigeye) 60-99#, packed in 100# masters, 1-2 head per box, 100#+, 1 head per box (Catch Weight), all of which are professionally graded prior to sale.
Western Edge Fresh Escolar


Although a bycatch, this Omega rich fish is pretty readily available out of South America for our regulars, available H&G (Headed & Gutted), sized 20-30# (Average) 100# Box (Catch Weight).
Western Edge Fresh Corvina


Corvina is a very popular fish, and a mainstay on our daily fresh offerings! We have Silver Corvina (Bycatch) and Golden Corvina (Main) H&G 10-20# (Average) 5-10 head per box 100# Box (Catch Weight).
Western Edge Fresh Snapper


Snapper is a coastal catch steeped in tradition, and we have them available most days of the week, but they go very quickly, so call early! We have Reds, Lanes, Silks, and Yellowtails sized ¾-1#, 1-2#, 2-4#, 4-6#, 6#+, packed in 70-100# masters (Catch Weight).